Russell Davies

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I don't have a regular hobby. I do odd projects instead, things that seem interesting at the time, mostly scattered around the internet. Some are stupid and quick. Some of them last for years. That probably makes them stupider.

There are many of these on my Indexibit site, here are some 'highlights':

Interesting | A series of conferences I put on. They make no money. They're normally shambolic. But they are interesting.

Taglin3r | The bot I built to point out how easy it's going to be to automate many 'creative' jobs.

Science Story Magic | An imagined radio station. What would algorithmically-generated, robot-voiced, highly-personalised corporate radio sound like? Especially when it fails. In September 2016 it was featured as part of Radiophrenia.

Big Red Button | A massive PowerPoint remote, resisting the trend towards seamlessness in tech and 'No UI'.